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Personal Logotype

logo kp_Artboard 8.png

Personal Branding

Personal project

An ongoing project of personal branding materials starting with a logotype an an emblem. Logotype consists of my name and surname, emblem of initials.

The final palette is based on light blue, dark grey, and white. The simple pattern is complementing the set.

logo blue_Artboard 6 copy.png
logo blue_Artboard 6.png

And everything started like most of my projects - on paper. My first sketches were similar to most of the lettering I’ve done before - decorative, with big contrasts. In the end I decided the simpler style will let my work pop out more. My personal branding shouldn’t steal the show, my projects should.


After establishing letter forms, I explored possible colors and color combinations. I wanted this palette to support my work and not overshadow them. That is why I rejected very colorful ideas like the ones below, focusing on lighter and simpler combinations.

logo blue_Artboard 7.png