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Indian Wedding Invitation


Indian Wedding Invitation

Clients: Manjari Sahu and Taresh Ghei

When my designer friend, Manjari, asked me to make her wedding invitation illustrations, I was honoured. We started with flowers and Ganesha - Hindu god with elephant head. I chose malvas and tulips because M and T also first letters of bride’s and groom’s names. Ganesha is often presented with four hands and is holding various symbols. I decided that in this case most important thing he can stand for is love, so he is holding hearts.

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Low fidelity sketches allowed me to show initial ideas to the clients and discard designs quickly at this point. We chose on of the directions to take it to the digital world and refine.

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When the digital line illustration was accepted by the clients, I started to try out different color palettes, shading, and styles of hand lettered initials. We went back and forth about all of that and here is one of the final designs. Initially the invites were designed to be two separate postcards, as the couple’s love story evolved around sending postcards to each other.

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In the animation, I show all the layers that add up to my final design. The visualization on the right shows the two postcards - one as the main, opening one and the second postcard with blank space to fill with text. My work ended when I delivered illustrations to the clients. As they are both designers, they decided to play with colors more and change the final shape of the cards. Final invitations got blue and red flowers and got a more classic invitation form.

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The layout and typography inside the invitations weren’t designed by me.